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Registration for September is done in June- August.


FTCC's Before and Afterschool Program is for children who physically attend Downsview PS ONLY 

FTCC does not accommodate bussing of any kind. 




FTCC’s Before School Program is from 8:00 am -8:30 am.  If Families want children escorted to school by the program, they must be in care by 8:20 am.


FTCC’s After School Program is from 3:15-5:30 pm. School-age children are sent to the gym by Downsview PS at 3:15 pm. Kindergarten children are picked up from their classrooms and brought to the Before and After Care Program.


Parent/Guardian - School Communication


FTCC encourages families to establish direct communication with the faculty of Downsview PS. In support, we do not relay verbal messages between the school and families or vice versa. If you do have a message for the school, we ask that you put it in writing and put it in your child's backpack or email /call the school directly.


FTCC is unable to accommodate School Age children on regular school days between 8:30 am -3:15 pm FTCC is not responsible for your child/ren or their belongings when they are at school. FTCC Teachers are not able to check on your child/ren or assist in changing your child/ren etc. during regular school hours. If your child becomes ill, Parents/Guardian/Caregivers are to pick them up from the school office


Washroom accidents /Extra clothes


FTCC is not responsible to assist your child during school hours in the event of a washroom accident. FTCC can not keep extra clothes for your child during school hours. FTCC can not supply extra clothes to your child in the event of an accident. We encourage parents to keep a small bag of extra pants, underwear, socks and a small ziploc bag of wipes in their child's backpack so their child is prepared in the event of an accident.




FTCC does not provide lunch or snacks to Children in the Before and After School Programs. In the event your child has forgotten their lunch during School hours FTCC can not provide lunch. In the event FTCC is offering a special lunch or snack, FTCC does not provide alternatives if children do not want what is on the menu. Families are encouraged to pack an extra snack just in case


P.A Days/Winter break/March break/Summer break  


  • .FTCC will notify families if care will be offered. 

  • If your child is enrolled full-time meaning (Before and Aftercare) your child may attend the extended care provided at an extra fee( if not subsidized).

  • Children must be in care by 10:00 am

  • All children are expected to bring a healthy lunch from home.

  • Children are not allowed to bring toys from home into the program.


Illness Policy


Please be advised that TDSB has different Illness guidelines then Child Care. Please be advised FTCC policies will always apply. In the event your child's symptoms do not permit them to be in the Daycare but they are permitted to attend school, families are responsible to bring them to and from school until guidelines of re-entry into the program are met.



In the event of a lice outbreak children will be checked by the staff daily to ensure there is no lice. Children that our found with lice or nits will be sent home. If your child has been sent home please follow the necessary steps to eliminate the lice. Children will not be accepted back into care until all lice and nits are gone.



Children with ringworm will be sent home and will be accepted back into care once the lesions are dried and a note from a physician is submitted stating they are no longer contagious.


Please make sure to review our full Illness Policy posted on our Program doors or on our website


Before and After School Program Staff


FTCC's Before and After School Program staff are made up of trained RECEs, ECAs and CYWs these positions are part-time positions which often cause short-term contracts for support staff.


FTCC’s Senior staff are present to maintain stability.


Staffing is solely done on the needs of the rooms and the enrollment. Before and After school staff are moved through the program accordingly.


Staff updates are always posted on the Parent Board.


Parents are encouraged to keep current with all happenings of the Centre by checking posting areas of the Centre.


Unexpected Closures


In the event, FTCC can not operate the program safely due to (but not limited to) shortage of staff, covid related issues, and disaster on-premises etc. FTCC will close temporarily until the program can operate safely.  In the event of an unexpected closure, all fees paid are non-refundable.


Code of conduct


All children are expected to comply with the code of conduct. FTCC has zero tolerance for bullying and physical or verbal abuse of any kind. FTCC does our best to ensure all children feel safe and are free to express themselves in a positive and safe way.


Health and safety (Bill 168)


In extreme cases when a Child/Parent/Guardian/Caregiver has displayed violent or threatening behavior causing emotional and physical harm towards Children /Employees/ Board members of FTCC, the Executive Director/Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate care immediately as FTCC strives to provide a safe and non-hostile learning and working environment for all the Children, Employees and Board members.



Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Code of Conduct


At Friendly Times Child Care Centre we encourage all Parents/Caregivers/Guardians to be positive Role models for the children of the Center. All Parents/Caregivers/Guardians are expected to follow the policies of Friendly Times Child Care. All Parents/Caregivers/Guardians are always to conduct themselves in a respectful matter.



Any concerns are to be brought respectfully to the Executive Director in writing. Friendly Times does not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards Children, Staff, Executive Director or Board members.

Please be advised that failure to comply can result in FTCC issuing a Notice of No Entry. This means that the Individual that has violated the code of conduct would no longer be allowed on the premises and the child/ren will have to be dropped off and picked up by another Authorized individual. This is done to ensure the safety and well-being of all in the program.



***** Parents/Caregivers/Guardians who take part in any sort of abusive behavior towards the Children Staff or Director/Board Members will receive a warning letter or no entry notice which can lead to automatic withdrawal and terminated child care services at Friendly Times Child Care Center. ****

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